Why Having A Free Website Is Not Good For Your Business?

11 Feb

The free websites are like a free tool that you use to make your website accessible for your target audience. It has many limited features that restricts your business from expanding and ruins the user experience as well. Have you ever thought about how free websites make money? By placing ads on your pages and encouraging the visitors to check it out. 

In this article we will be discussing top 3 reasons to avoid using a free website for your business:            

1. It affects the performance of your website: 

Every business has its specific needs based on their industry and core activities. When business owners decide to use free websites they might not be able to design their site to meet all of their specific needs. They might be getting only a limited amount of space for their website and not be able to add all the features and plugins that they want.              

Apart from the space and features there are also some other elements of a website that are important for visitors such as performance, speed, and content. Usually the performance of a free website is not good as it has high page load time. The free website providers need to improve the performance and speed of their websites in order to enhance the user experience. It requires a considerable amount of time as well as a great amount of effort. Now the question is why would they want to invest their time and energy in optimizing their sites for free? Just think that if they are able to provide good services to their customers they wouldn’t be luring them by offering free services. 

This is why it is important for every business owner to have a high-performing website that attracts their visitors and encourages them to sign up or make a purchase. If you don’t have a good web design Los Angeles company in mind for this job you can approach SFWPExperts that provides a wide range of services around the world. We are well-recognized as the creators of unique website designs in Los Angeles that drive high traffic, increase user engagement and boost sales.                      

2. You are controlled by the free website company:   

When you use free websites for your business remember that it is not owned by you but the company who is offering you free website services. Having a free website for your business has a number of drawbacks that might compel you to use the paid ones. First of all you won’t have a custom URL as you will probably get companyxyz.abcdefgh.com instead of companyxyz.com. And this is not going to inspire your customer’s confidence as they might have trust issues with your website. 

Besides this you will have to abide by the terms and conditions of the free website company as they are the owner of your site not you. And if you try to break them in any way they might remove your site from the web and your business might have to suffer for this. In that case you need to be prepared for the consequences of using free sites and how you will face them. 

Keep in mind that free website companies make money by placing ads on your site no matter if it is a personal blog or a business website. However there is less chance that placing ads on personal blogs will create any problem but for business websites it can be a huge problem.     

However if you want to have an ad-free website for your business, you can ask us for some tips or advice and we will respond to you promptly. Our interactive web design company in Los Angeles is committed to providing the quality services to clients including web design, web development, and online marketing. We are always available to help you out if you want to connect with your target audience in exciting and engaging ways.                                 

3. It drives less traffic and generates less conversions:  

Most of the free website companies that are operating online are usually less trusted by the popular search engines. It affects the search engine rankings of the free business websites that ultimately create problems for the business owners in attracting more visitors.  

Even when visitors find your website and if your site looks cheap and generic they might not be interested in doing business with you. However if you want to avoid all of these issues work with our Los Angeles based web design company and we will take care of the rest.  We are involved in B2B and B2B web design for a long time and also create excellent websites, responsive web designs, mobile applications etc., for the small and medium sized businesses.  

Now when you know why you should not choose a free website for your business we will explain to you the advantages of hiring a professional web design company to meet your website needs. 

Let’s look at the top 3 advantages of hiring an ideal design company to create your website:       

1. You get a professional and unique design

Since professional designers of the leading companies have many years of experience in designing gorgeous looking websites they know how to create unique websites. There are billions of websites running on the internet and many of them look similar to each other having a little different features, elements or appearance. It compels the business owners to have a unique-looking website that stands out from the competitors. 

You might not know how important branding is in business but it plays a major role in building trust and credibility with your potential customers. The better you present your brand, the higher the chances of conversions. 

You can understand branding as a strategic process that requires a great amount of time and creativity to make it successful. For this reason you should work with the best web design company who listens to your goals, vision, and requirements to create a custom website design especially for you. 

There are not many web design companies in Los Angeles who can create a perfect website for your business but if you want to reach out to the right one, call or message us. We are a top-rated web design company in the US that makes good use of years of experience, creative design skills and technical programming skills to build a stunning website for you. 

2. Your website will deliver a great customer experience

If you want your visitors to be interested in your website you will need to have a user-friendly site that provides good customer experience. Sometimes when you browse the internet you keep trying to visit a webpage until your browser crashes. It ruins the customer experience and you leave the page to visit other websites. But what about the sites that are confusing to navigate? It also makes a bad impression on visitors and they avoid doing any kind of business with that site. 

As a concerned business owner you will never want your website to crash the visitor’s browser or make navigation difficult for them to understand. Even if your website is not user-friendly or unique-looking you can create one by hiring a professional team of designers and developers who will ensure your website delivers a great customer experience. Remember your website should be so useful that whenever visitors come to your site, they can easily find whatever they are looking for. 

We can help you in having a good website for your business if you partner with us. Our web design company in Los Angeles creates the best performing web pages for clients using great motion graphics techniques and animation. 

3. You will have a secure and trustworthy website

Often the experienced designers in the web design companies specialize in using the advanced and latest security technologies to make a website secure. They have access to many security tools that they can use to enhance the security of your site, especially when you are selling some products or services on your site.  

Moreover when you build your website through professional designers it increases your credibility that you have built with your potential customers. No matter how small or big your business is, if your website is designed properly, it can make your company look important for your visitors. Bear in mind that visitors can easily differentiate between a cheap site and a unique site when they see it. The quality of a website reflects the standard of business so it is important for every business owner to create a user-friendly website as much as possible.   

Since websites also need maintenance and updates apart from the design and development, you need to work with trustworthy designers who can help you in future as well to maintain your site. Don’t forget that professional designers will always give you a better site than free websites so you should avoid using free services and choose the paid ones. 

Even when you use free websites remember that it will still need to be updated and update requires money. So if you want to avoid facing the disadvantages of free websites it’s better to hire our Wordpress website design company and we guarantee to stick around you whenever you need any help. We specialize in creating effective websites for SMB, startups and enterprises that drive high traffic and generate higher conversions.     

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