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31 Jan

Rewarding the Creative Work

Recognizing companies for their excellent work in web design and development 

There would have been many circumstances when you are looking for something on the internet and you have across a lot of impressive websites. Some of them claim that they have won many awards for their excellent work while some try other ways to appear as the best website on the internet. It means every website tries to draw the user’s attention so that users assign them to work on their project. Usually the website owners display their top awards on their webpage so that every visitor can have a look at it. While there are many honours a site may receive but some of them are known to create more buzz than others.      

But do you know what are some of the most prestigious website design awards? How different websites win such awards? Why they display these awards on their website? We will discuss all these things in this article as well as other important information about website design awards in the next section.  

Web design is an art that requires too much of hard work, technical knowledge, and creative thinking to build a gorgeous looking website. Since not many designers have all these qualities to create an award winning website, you can always rely on SFWPExperts - a reputed Los Angeles Web Design Company to meet your web design needs. We don’t care about what is your company’s size or budget but your strategic vision that you want to turn into reality. The web design solutions that we provide, build your brand, drive businesses and increases sales that ultimately results in a higher ROI. 

Now let’s have a look at top 5 prestigious website design awards that enhances the reputation of a company:   


In this website design award an international jury including some of the most renowned designers, bloggers and top organizations evaluates the eligible websites to select a winner. This process of evaluation involves a strict evaluation system in which different websites are given a score between one to ten. The score is given by the jury members based on a few parameters including design, content, usability, creativity etc., and the company that scores the highest is given this award. The Awwwards ceremony is organized at the end of each year in iconic cities across the world in which many companies participate to win.            

Webby Awards

The Webby Awards has been around since the 1990s and is referred to as “The Internet’s Highest Honor” by one of the most popular newspapers in the United States. This award ceremony is known as one of the most hyped events in the web design industry that is organized by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences.  In this web design recognition ceremony more than ten thousand entries are registered each year in 100+ categories that ranges between web design to app design. Some of the organization members that has been part of the Webby’s Judge panel over the years are Arianna Huffington, David Bowie, and Matt Groening.  

If you also wish to have a beautiful website that can win Webby Awards head to our web design company in Los Angeles. We will create an amazing website for you that will draw the attention of your target audience and boost the conversion rate. We are able to provide quality services to our clients because we work in a team environment to enable your website to generate higher revenue.                       

American Design Awards

This web design award was founded in 2000 and is known as an internationally recognized design competition where professional web designers and graphic artists participates. While selecting the best designer or graphic artist the organization members of ADA put greater emphasis on creativity, marketability, talent, effectiveness and general design abilities. Also, it receives over thirty thousand submissions every year and organizes the awards competition for experienced and student designers semiannually and monthly. 

So if you are a website owner who want to build an innovative website, get in touch with our intellectual designers to make your dream come true. The designers at our web design company in Los Angeles has won ADA awards several times and are massively awesome at their job. Also we reply to your queries within minutes not in hours or days because we know how should we treat our valuable customers to build a long-term relationship.

CLIO Awards

The CLIO award was founded in the late 1950s to honor the best organization in the communication and advertising field. Now it has been expanded to honor organizations that are excellent in digital and web design field as well. Recently, this award has been given the tag of the most renowned international advertising award in the world by an American weekly news magazine. In this award ceremony more than one hundred judges from sixty different countries evaluates the entries and select the winners. There are less than 5% of thousands of entries receives any type of statue each year and less than 1% of those receives the gold statue.       

Favorite Website Awards

The FWA is considered as one of the most famous awards in the world that has been referred to as “The Web Oscars” by its previous winners. This award program was established in May 2000 and was known as the first internet award program to receive over two hundred million visitors around the globe. Why FWA is different from other awards because the winner of the People’s Choice Award is selected by the public votes. Besides this the site of the Year Award is chosen by judges and it grabs the attention of a lot of people around the world.                 

Now when you already know that receiving Favorite Website Awards is not an easy task, we can help you in becoming a finalist there when you work with us. Our web design company in Los Angeles has designed more than hundreds of user-focused websites for clients that is making more money than ever before. That’s why we always say, bring your company to us and we will turn it into a brand.     


There are a few other notable website design awards that you must know:


The AddysAwards is also a valuable award that was founded in 1960 and it attracts more than 35,000 professional and student entries each year through local AAF clubs and competition. It is part of the American Advertising Federation and have recently started to recognize interactive media like the CLIO awards. The interactive categories of AddyAwards includes consumer websites, B2B websites, newsletters and podcasts.        

AD Awards

This award has been around since 1960 as well and it is given to only sixteen winners in every 2600+ entries. The most prestigious categories of this award are a yellow pencil (silver) and black pencil (gold). Whereas the website categories of this award includes New Uses of Websites, Interface & Navigation, Sound & Writing, and Photography. 

Do you think that your website also needs improvement in these areas? If yes, reach out to our Wordpress website design company and we will work on your interface and navigation to make it as user friendly as possible. We also specialize in helping businesses all around the world to attract more visitors and engage them to stay on site for a long time.            


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