How to Create More Improved & Optimized WordPress Websites?

26 Jan

Do you believe your WordPress website is perfect and doesn’t require any severe modifications in the near future? Then you must think again. Either you’re a matured WordPress developer or a fresher you have to undergo consistent guidance over years. There are more than 650 major & minor WordPress updates released so far. On the other hand, you have the search engine norms & protocols that keep changing over time. So where do you decide to halt?

Of course nowhere. Your WordPress website could find ample reasons to drop down on the search engine ranking. If your competitor’s WordPress website is optimized enough to stand 2 steps ahead on the SERPs, you surely have to grow up. There could be certain WordPress website designing & development aspects that you have to nurture & control for your web upbringing. 

In this post, we’re going to discuss various tips & tricks through which you can optimize your WordPress website appearance & framework. However, first, you may like to know who we are. SFWP Experts is a San Francisco-based custom WordPress website design & development company and here we propose to find the best solutions for your website building challenges!

Going through the post you’ll learn how to provide a faster & better UX to your website visitors & Google bots. Remember you have to entertain the search engine crawlers along with the users. Additionally, your website SEO efforts are also proportionate to your WordPress optimization goals. Let’s discuss the topic precisely!

How to Define an Optimized WordPress Website?

An improved WordPress website is beyond the basic constituents & parameters of the website design & development. A basic WordPress website framework is the one used by freshers and emerging website designers & developers. You can’t fetch the maturity level of a WordPress website until you’ve passed the basics. Here are the elementary constituents of the website:

  • The Admin Dashboard & its Various Components
  • Website Pages & Posts
  • WordPress Plugin Development
  • WordPress Themes (responsive & regular designs)
  • Tags & Information Blocks
  • WordPress Media Library
  • Menus & Widgets on WordPress 
  • Your database, tools & users, etc

When you’re done with the fabrication & maintenance of all these factors, it is time to get outside and meet the world. WordPress optimization is a quite long story. It develops with the passage of time and lets you learn new website standards & principles to remain in the race for the top search engine rankings. Website optimization is all about perfection that comes out of various tricks & experiments. Let’s know about these tips & tricks in a detailed manner!!

Tips for More Optimized WordPress Website

WordPress website optimization also addresses your search engine optimization efforts. It is quite related to on-page SEO and your web page maintenance. On-page SEO deals with the internal organization of your website information whether present in the form of text, videos, infographics, navigation, widgets & blocks. 

Mobile responsiveness is also a part of your On-page SEO strategy. Or you may call it Advanced SEO. Whatever it is, you can optimize your WordPress website by intensifying likewise essentials. Here are the tips you need to remember in this context:

  1. Don’t rely on switching hosting

People usually think they could improve their WordPress website entirely by getting another WordPress website hosting support. That’s wrong. You can only enhance your website speed if you get a dedicated server for your website. But that’s just not a solution if you’ve started with a new website. No WordPress developer would advise you to do so. Moreover, there are many other important things apart from website hosting that you need to take care of. Switching hosts alone doesn’t fix problems as follows: 

  • WordPress Plugin Development 
  • WordPress Website Updates
  • Maintaining custom functions for themes & plugins
  • Mutual integration between various website functions
  • Overall website performance

Hence, you must not switch your expectations from one website hosting to another. It would just be a waste of time and disruption of your database. If you could afford dedicated hosting, you can go for one though.

  1. Don’t apply development to an active website

That’s right. If you’ve got a matured WordPress website, there’s no need to conduct development operations on the same, especially when the same has gone live. However, you could run maintenance over a specified web page that you need to modify sometimes. Instead, you can use staging or development environments that are effective to resist critical downtime amid the user experience on your website. Alternatively, you can also run a local development using LAMP or LEMP stack. The best tools we could suggest providing for local development are MAMP & WAMP. 

  1. You shouldn’t edit codes & files

If you’re not familiar with HTML and don’t have any experience with the backend, stay away from the website’s code & file editing. However, you may proceed along with a professional who knows web development languages for WordPress & other CMS very well. You can also consult a video tutorial on YouTube or likewise websites before fabricating your WordPress designing plan. Infect WordPress is developed to keep modern web developers & designers away from the complications of web languages. You must also stay away from editing your live website as it may lead to very awful consequences. 

You can consult custom-coded WordPress website design & development specialists from SFWP Experts anytime for a sort of technical support. We help you build faster, better & conversion-centric WordPress websites for your revolutionary business models!

  1. Limit your website plugins & internal services

The recent WordPress 5.5 Auto Update has raised problems for many WordPress plugins the designers & developers often make use of. That’s the reason why experienced WordPress professionals always suggest you control your plugin install. The internal services WordPress provides for your website are both blessing & curse at times. On the other hand, certain WordPress updates are crucial for your website design & development approach. You can’t ignore them to support some specified plugins. So ignore too many plugins & make use of external tools instead. 

  1. Never forget your website SEO

Search engine optimization is vital for your website & business growth collectively. An enhanced WordPress website can’t be imagined without proper SEO. Through SEO you get to inspect your corresponding market conditions and design your website accordingly. That means you indirectly contribute to your website optimization. Infect WordPress is often considered a brilliant internet marketing tool used to create lead-generating website content & traffic oriented information structure. Try the Yoast SEO plugin someday to review the faults in your website content.

Apart from this, you can decide on a WordPress multipurpose theme as per your convenience. A multipurpose theme could provide for your website responsiveness, however, it may affect your website speed & performance. Therefore you must decide if you really require a multiple purpose theme as there are enough plugins & 3rd party tools to help you out with your mobile responsive design. Additionally, you must refuse the idea of disturbing the WordPress core files & documents for your website optimization. You should better stay away from all this!

What do We Conclude?

As a conclusion to this discussion, we can say WordPress website optimization is a collection of various regulations & standards that you have to maintain timely. There can be multiple aspects of concern you have to follow in the near future too. The right thing you can do is to understand WordPress and its corresponding design & development principles thoroughly. SFWP Experts are always with you throughout your WordPress Site Security & Optimization goals. Let us know if we could help you out with anything informative!!

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