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07 Apr

All your business aspects are interrelated. Don’t you think? Even when there was no internet marketing, businesses used to have different departments for different operations. For example, Marketing Dept, Finance Dept, Sales Dept, Human Resource & Workforce, Research & Development, etc. Though Internet Marketing & IT can also be made into 2 new departments in the Company, the business owners often refuse to go with likewise strategies these days. Therefore web designing, development & marketing have initiated a separate industry for professionals & service seekers around the world. We call it Information Technology. 

The companies in this sector usually run in 3 departments- Designing, Development & Marketing. These 3 departments are also inter-linked the way we have discussed above. To explain this we can take an example of external backlinks & web designing. Where external backlinks are associated with the Off-Page SEO, web designing is more of an information technology aspect dedicated to the frontend appearance of the website. Backlinks address marketing where designing addresses manufacturing.  

Now, how can we draw more external backlinks through our web designing skills? That’s the motive behind the creation of this post. We know you’ve got a technical background & not much familiar with the digital marketing principles. However, you can learn some important aspects of the same to improve your online promotion. Remember, whatever you manufacture at your IT workshop needs to be sold someday, somewhere. 

Even if you’re not interested in detailed insight into the digital marketing principles you can work out with the basics. At SFWP Experts we always try to cover both your technical & promotional aspects of online business building. If you’re facing a problem making use of your designing skills to enhance your online marketing efforts, you can reach our experienced Custom Coded WordPress Website Designers & SEO Optimizations Experts anytime!

What are High Authority Backlinks?

Here’s the thing. Web designing can help you draw potential backlinks for your website. But what are these potential backlinks exactly? Backlinks are another factor that help your website acquire considerable page rank on search engine results. Other factors are as follows:

  • Web page loading speed
  • Web page URL security
  • User-friendly navigation structure
  • Mobile responsive design &
  • On-page SEO components & standards 

Coming back to backlinks, there are 2 important factors you shouldn’t be overlooking creating your link building strategy as such. First, the backlink should be do-follow or else Google won’t rank your website page in the leading SERPs. Second, the backlink must be a high authority. A high authority backlink means you have to ensure the backlink is created from a high authority website. That’s your referring domain.

If your domain does not have a fine page authority (PA) & domain authority (DA) your link building effort is not going to pay you well. To check the corresponding DA & PA for your required referring domain you can make use of Mozbar. It’s a renowned tool that records the DA & PA of each website indexed on Google. 

For added assistance on your web designing operations, you can reach out to SFWP Experts & evaluate your website performance as per the existing strategies you’ve employed. We’re an Award-Winning Website Designing & Optimization Company from San Francisco & we understand your business objectives efficiently!

How to Fetch High Authority Backlinks with your Website Design?

Website designing helps you multiple ways to acquire notable search engine ranking. So why not external backlinks? You just need to please the potential referring domain owner. The domain owner you’re going to allure wants to know your link building plan & likes to review where his website’s going to link out. Hence, it’s quite possible that he’s going to review your website structure as well. Here are the techniques through which you can impress the backlink sources to link back to your target web pages, through your fine designing skills: 

  1. Focus on Visualization 

If you make out a deal with a webmaster who’s brilliant in evaluating your web designing skills you’re probably going to need this aspect to work for you. The high authority referring domain owners aren’t very much concerned about the age of your website. They’re concerned about your designing & marketing skills. They’re concerned about the existing data & its quality on your website. Visualization can create a fine first impression on your behalf that may lead the webmaster to accept your proposal right away. 

Visualization doesn’t address pictures, images & videos alone. The domain owner could also figure out the background, text fonts, layouts & other designing elements initiated by you related to a target web page. If he finds the creativity, uniqueness & innovation in your existing data, he’s definitely going to link back to you!

  1. Optimize Lengthy Pages

Another important aspect is your page length. The referring domain owner is definitely going to notice that. Here he’s probably going to behave like a website user. There are 3 important web page layouts you can think of in this context: 

  • Pagination
  • Load More &
  • Infinite Scrolling

Infinite scrolling is something the real-time users are not usually interested in, especially the ones who are looking for an instant solution to their purchase & information concerns. Load more pages can be quite interesting & let you realize whether your website content is potent enough for user engagement. Ultimately we can think of pagination if the website content is longer than usual. Now you have to decide which one you’re comfortable going with considering the domain owner’s vision. 

  1. Don’t Forget Metadata 

Make sure to entail proper metadata records for each of your web pages. Metadata clearly mentions your web pages in the search engine results. It is made up of combining the web page title & meta description together. If you don’t have a meta description for a web page, you won’t be able to inform the users about your web page content. As such, you won’t be able to impress the domain owner you target to share your link building strategy with. Metadata is the description of the content the search engine users see on the SERPs. It’s a very important aspect for both your digital marketing & web designing goals. 

  1. Website Content

Website content layout must be pleasing & UI friendly. You should add a scroll bar for both your desktop design & mobile-friendly design so that the user can easily navigate through all the content for instant viewing. Of course, many of them do so. They try to quickly figure out if it is worthwhile to go for the complete website content. You also have to ensure the best content creation experts who are conscious of the readability, plagiarism, grammar, information & other writing qualities of the website content required by the users. Your referring domain owner would also like to evaluate you on such grounds. 

  1. Speed & Performance

That's one of the most important aspects everyone is interested in reviewing. If your website speed is not upto the mark you’re probably going to lose your first impression before the clients, users & referring domain owners of course. However, the good news is that you don’t need to worry if you're running a new website. Your database is small & you can even manage with a shared hosting support in that case. 

Closing Thought

Hence you can make use of these principles to improve your link building efforts. Web designing is one aspect but provides for many other prerequisites. There’s a lot you can learn regarding the benefits of an ideal website design. Share your problem with experienced web designing & development experts at SFWP Experts. Our world renowned Custom Coded WordPress Designing & Development Services are simply going to support your business objectives in the long run. Let us know!!

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